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French Colonial Pottery: An International Conference

An international conference for the study of French colonial pottery in North America was held in September 2002 at the Mári Center of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana, located in Marksville, Louisiana. This gathering represented the first international conference focused directly on the classification of French colonial period pottery. The goal of the conference was to provide a forum for archaeologists who have recovered French pottery at 17th and 18th century sites in the United States, Canada, and France to present and discuss the classification of this pottery. Edited or rewritten versions of most of the presentations at this conference are included in this volume, along with over 300 color photographs of French colonial period pottery. The emphasis in this volume on providing many illustrations of whole vessels and/or sherds seemed the best way to provide a useful reference guide for French colonial pottery.


This book consists of fourteen chapters with presentations and discussions of French colonial pottery from Louisiana, Illinois, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, the St. Lawrence Valley, Fortress Louisbourg, and France. The first chapter presents the perspectives of Earl Barbry Jr. of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana on his experiences with the Tunica “Treasure,” along with color photographs of most of the French pottery from the Tunica collection. Authors of the following chapters include John Walthall, Gregory Waselkov, Edward Jelks, Marcel Mousette, Ives Monette, Marc Richer-LaFlèche, Henri Amouric, Lucy Vallauri, James Bruseth, Jeff Durst, Kathleen Gilmore, Nancy Reese, Shawn Carlson, John House, Aubra Lee, George Avery, Pete Gregory, Jason Emery, and Jeffrey Girard.

It is hoped that this volume will serve as a focal point for further discussions of classifying French colonial pottery.